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The Robertson Quesadilla Stall

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Visit The Quesadilla Stall
To engulf what makes you strong and tall,
And prevents you being weak and small
With Robertson’s Quesadillas.

A strangely tangy, spicy, quesadilla
Consists of stuffing, cheese, tortilla,
So run away from the pizzeria,
To Robertson’s Quesadillas.

It has very tasty black-eye beans,
With onions and garlic; Better than greens!
There are chipotle chillies and aubergines*,
At Robertson’s Quesadillas.

If life is looking blearier,
And you want to make it cheerier,
Consider joining the interior
Of Robertson’s Quesadillas.

This is only the case, sadly,
For people in 8RC,
But you can still satisfy your tummy
At Robertson’s Quesadillas.

The boss is Master Chef Vanya Robertson Extra Superior,
With his vices being Chefs <name rescinded> Hemi Demi Semi Superior and <name rescinded> Inferior,
Who want to quench your hysteria,
For Robertson’s Quesadillas.

We keep everything clean
And evermore pristine
So that you can enjoy the scene,
Eating a quesadilla.

* Please note that our quesadillas do not contain aubergines, it just makes a good rhyme.