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Limericks o' Netiquette

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Do not use capslock online

There was once a lady on Twitter
Who flaunted her verbal litter
When she typed in capslock
Intending to shock
She was surprised that she came across bitter

Questions should be relevant

There was once a queston on Reddit
Of the kind universally dreaded.
I thought: “This guy lacks decorum –
It’s on the wrong forum.
If I could I’d have him beheaded”.

Don’t blither

So this guy wrote an answer on Quora
Who gives off a Forrest Gump aura.
It veered so far off topic,
His brain’s microscopic –
He got lost with instructions like Dora.

Use correct grammar

A man wrote a blog post wrongly,
Which caused his defilement strongly
‘Cos he used the wrong grammar
Which brought about clamour;
Online one should speak more oblongly.

Don’t ask something you haven’t properly attempted to find out

Betty’s code was malfunctioning so
Quickly asked Stack Overflow.
Instead of just searching
She was content perching
On the goodwill of some random Joe.

I hope you have a lovely day

Online, Arnold was always sarcastic,
Which made nobody enthusiastic
They were secretly sure
He was really a bore,
Countervailing with ripostes too drastic.

If feeling angry, send it tomorrow

On occasion I write angry mail,
Undraping my civilised veil.
I wait till the day after
And review it with laughter;
We don’t want an incriminating trail.